Dipping Accessories

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EzFlow Essential Oil Plus Cuticle Oil 0.5oz

EzFlow Essential cuticle oil is soothes and moisturizes cuticles as the finishing step to your nail..

EzFlow EZ Bond Dehydrator 0.5oz

EzFlow EZ Bond is a PH balancing agent and a nail dehydrator. Readies the natural nail plate fo..

EzFlow EZ Wipes! 60pc

Fiberless pad for preparing the nails for service. Will not scratch or dull surfaces like other wipe..

EzFlow Gel It! No Cleanse Top Coat 0.5oz

LED/UV No Cleanse Gel Top Coat. Formulated to protect and prolong the life of your nail treatment.Ap..

EzFlow TruDip Brush Restore 0.5oz

Refresh and restores damaged brushes by dissolving any excess powder or glue residue in 30 minutes. ..

EzFlow TruDip Disposable Trays 40pc

Disposable dipping trays that can be used during the nail treatment and application process. Perfect..

EzFlow TruGel No Cleanse Top Coat 0.5oz

LED/UV No Cleanse Gel Top Coat. TruGel Top Coat gives nails a brilliant finish. No cleansing necessa..

OPI Bond Aid pH Balancing Agent 0.44oz

OPI BondAid pH Balancing Agent is specially formulated to help ..

OPI Brush Cleaner 1oz

OPI Brush Cleaner conditions and removes contaminants from natural Kolinski and Sable brushes. Use b..